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The History of 420

It’s pretty common knowledge that the term “420” is related to the cannabis culture. But where did the term actually come from? How did this unrelated number become the one term that could describe an entire culture? Would you be surprised to find out that it came...

Are you ready for 420?

So this April is going to be a very exciting month!! We have some sweet sales and promotions running all month long; plus we will have some unbeatable 420 sales the week of April 17th - 23rd... Not too mention FREE schwag on April 20th!  The breakout of what's up is...

Support The American Kratom Association!

Help Keep Kratom Legal!! Big PhRMA has recently unleashed their attack dogs on kratom in several key states. If they win, it will open the floodgates to a nationwide kratom ban. Become a supporter and help fight anti-kratom lobbyists to keep kratom legal.