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The Best Breweries in Denver

One of the highlights of living and visiting Denver is the vast number of breweries you can find within Denver city limits. For serious, there are A LOT of breweries here and we’re happy to have their...

The Dinosaurs of Colorado

A loooooong time ago, before any of us Homo sapiens were around, dinosaurs ruled the earth. The land of Colorado was very different from the world we know today. It was roamed by cold-blooded giants. Stegosaurus, triceratops, tyrannosauruses, and many more of these...

No Tricks. Just Treats. PIPETOBER SALE!

FINALLY. COOLER WEATHER IS UPON US. It's like a wave of spooky delight cause with cooler weather comes the changing of the leaves AND our annual PIPETOBER SALE!!!! It's by far... our favorite time of year here at the shop. Who doesn't love new glass, getting dressed...

Support The American Kratom Association!

Help Keep Kratom Legal!! Big PhRMA has recently unleashed their attack dogs on kratom in several key states. If they win, it will open the floodgates to a nationwide kratom ban. Become a supporter and help fight anti-kratom lobbyists to keep kratom legal.