Heya folks! It’s time for another “Where in the 303 is Headed West” contest! This time, we’re going to wander outside of the 303 just a bit and hit up Keystone, Colorado. It’s kind of a drive outside of Denver so we figured we would give you all a little head start on where we are going to be, BUT that doesn’t mean the contest is going to be any less difficult. 🙂

You’re going to need to hunt down moving targets this time! Three of us will be hitting the slopes at Keystone Ski Resort so you’re going to need to put on your hunters hat and come find us on the mountain. We’ll make ourselves easy to spot with Headed West logos stuck all over our jackets but don’t expect us to be hitting the same run all day ;-P.

Trust us…. you won’t regret driving up the mountain for this one. We’ve got some really fun stuff to hand out – for free – and a REALLY COOL GRAND PRIZE for the person who finds us first!

So…the deets for this edition of Where in the 303 is Headed West.

When: Friday, January 12th, 2018 from 9am-2pm
During this time, you’ll be able to spot us anywhere within Keystone Ski Resort.

Where: Keystone Ski Resort – Keystone, CO
Woot! We’re hitting up a local favorite with over 2800+ acres of ski-worthy terrain!

Why: Did we mention we have LOT’S OF COOL FREE STUFF TO GIVE AWAY?
For real, we’re gunna have a ton of neat stuff to give to those who find us on the mountain. Come on, free stuff + a day on the slopes? You really can’t beat a good time like that.

Come prepared when you hit the slopes. If you find us, you know we’re going to challenge you to a race down the mountain. Ha! But for now, let’s all pray for snow and hope we get one heck of a powder day on January 12th. All praise Ullr!!!

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