Are you a fan of treasure hunts? You know… straight up pirate style; digging for that buried treasure using a “x marks the spot” map? We sure are, which is why we love geocaching. Especially in Colorado!!! There are literally geocaches everywhere and finding them is one thing, but the scenery along the way is really the grand prize. Never done geocaching in Colorado before? No worries yo’, we can help get you started.

WTF is geocaching you say?

Well, it’s a fun game you can play just about anywhere in the world using a simple GPS tool or GPS enabled cell phone. You’re given a set of GPS coordinates you’ll use to find a geocache, which is a container usually filled with small trinkets and written notes and logs from travelers past. If you find the geocache and decide to take a trinket as a keepsake, the deal is you must leave something of equal or greater value for the next wanderer who comes through. And don’t forget to sign the logbook!

How to play the game

At the basic level, all you need to do is follow these simple steps.

  1. is the main website for all pirate hunt action. You’ll need to setup a free account here to get started.
  2. Find geocache coordinates at the Hide and Seek page.
  3. Enter your location information.
  4. Choose your adventure from the list of options in the area and click on its’ name.
  5. Enter the coordinates into your GPS and use it to find the geocache.
  6. Sign the logbook, replace any trinkets, take some pictures, and return the geocache to its’ original location.
  7. Share your fun online and always make sure to log your experience at

For additional information on the game, you can read the whole guide here.

Where are the best places for geocaching in Colorado?

There are several websites dedicated to geocaching in our lovely state of Colorado. Geocaching Colorado, or GCCO, is a great resource to get started. Their mission is to promote the geocaching community and educate about geocaching principles. In addition, they host a couple of fun events throughout the year to bring geocachers together!  Another great resource is TrailLink. This site has a ton of information for the best geocaching trails around the state. From simple walking trails to intense mountain summit trails, you’ll find it all on their Colorado geocaching trails and maps page. Other resources include; Colorado Basics: Geocaching, Colorado Parks & Wildlife, and the GCCO public Facebook group.

Been geocaching before? We would love to see your pictures. Share them with us on Facebook or Instagram! Questions or comments? Shoot us a note or leave a comment below.


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