There is seriously a never ending list of things to do here in the Denver metro area. One day you might be rocking out to a dope a$$ concert at Red Rocks and the next you’re screaming at the top of your lungs at the Broncos in Mile High Stadium. Obviously, a lot of these fun things to do are not around the corner from your house. The majority of the time you’re having to drive yourself or find someone else to drive so you can have a couple of drinky poo’s right? But straight up, sometimes you really just don’t want to drive (or bike/walk) yourself there. So… how can you get around in Denver without having to worry about it yourself? Luckily, we live in a world (and a blessed state) where public transportation is seriously easy to come by.

Behold, the multiple ways to wander about Denver, CO.


Ride Share

Ride share is probably one of the most popular ways to wander about if you’re going downtown, to a concert, or simply need a ride to work. We’ve got both Uber and Lyft here and normally it’s usually less than 10 minutes wait for a car no matter what time of day it is. We will warn you… surcharge prices can get a little ridiculous over the weekends so be prepared to pay at least 30-70% more for a fare home after the Sunday game or last call.

Taxi Cabs

Zzzz these are sooo five years ago, but yeah… you can still grab a taxi to take you pretty much wherever the heck you wanna go and at whatever time you wanna head there. If you want a list of the 10 best taxi companies here in Denver, then check out this Yelp link. As for fares, we’ve noticed they’re slightly more expensive than the ride share options but sometimes they are CHEAPER when you’re trying to get home in the middle of the night. Sometimes it’s worth it to do your due diligence when you’re trying to save a buck or three hahaha.

RTD Bus & Light Rail

The bus and the light rail are probably going to be your cheapest and sometimes your most convenient way to get around the Denver metro area. RTD has hooked it up with over 170 bus lines and nine rail lines on top of several specialty services, making it easy for us Denverites and visitors to wander about aimlessly. Many of these routes go by favorite places in the city such as; the airport, downtown, Mile High Stadium, Elitch Gardens, Golden, and so much more.  Make sure to check out the RTD Denver website to find more information on schedules, fares, trip planners, etc.

Free Public Transportation (downtown)

One of the best ways to explore downtown Denver is by hopping on the FREE 16th St MallRide bus. You read that right. It’s free and it’s the best thing about that bus route. Hop on and off at your convenience to check out all of the best places in downtown Denver. AAAAND this year you’re going to do it in style. RTD has been rolling out some fancy new electric buses that are sporting some super fancy new paint schemes. You can find out more information on operating hours here.

B-Cycle & Pedicab

Feeling like wandering about Denver outside of a car, bus, or train? Well… you still have options! There are a ton of B-Cycle stations all over Denver. These bikes are super easy to rent and you can literally ride around them all day. They’re pretty dang comfortable and easy to handle. And with all the awesome bike trails around the city, exploring by bike is one of the best ways to get around. If you don’t feel like peddling yourself around, you can always hire a pedicab driver. The only downside to these guys? They’re usually only downtown but there are several companies who over tours via pedicab. Tour by pedicab is probably the BEST way to see downtown if that’s your jam. Check out Denver Pedicab Tours if you wanna get in on that kind of fun.

Getting to the Airport

There are several different ways to get yourself to the airport these days. If you can’t find a friend to give you a ride, then you can definitely count on RTD, a taxi, or any of the ride share companies to get you there on time for your flight. More specifically airport related though is RTD’s SkyRide Bus or the University of Colorado A Line. Both of these options run on a daily basis but do have schedules. These are definitely the cheapest ways to get out to the airport so make sure to check out the airport schedule section of the RTD website to plan your trip.

Have you found another exciting way to get around town? Please make sure to share in the comments below or shoot us a note!


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