vaporizersGuess what? It’s almost 2019! Have you figured out what you’re going to be doing yet? If not, check out our post about some cool stuff to do in Colorado. If you’ve already made some solid plans, then it’s time to get prepared! Do you have everything you need to ring in the New Year right? If not, check out this list of New Years Necessities for stoners.

  1. A wicked tool to smoke out of.
    2019 only comes around once in a lifetime folks… so what better way to start it off with a new pipe or e-nail?! We’ve got 20% off Snow Cloud E-Nails this month and have a ton of savings going on for glass pipes and waterpipes. DOPE.A$$.SALES.YO.
  2. phil lewis sweater with pipeSweet accessories to wear while you’re partying like it’s 1999.
    Gotta bring in that new year in style, right?! RIGHT! Sooooo… come on in and check out our clothing and jewelry. Right now it’s all 20% off. We’ve also got 20% off select bags, backpacks, purses, and hip huggers. You’re going to need something fancy to carry around stuff ya know.
  3. SHINE 24k Gold Papers and Cones
    Bring 2019 in with some styyyyle, folks. You really can’t go wrong with SHINE brand 24k GOLD wrapping papers and cones. They might look fancy, but these babies sure to give you a good smoke. They burn slow and even, taste great, and make you look like a bada$$.
  4. cbd productsThings that will take away your hangover the next day.
    We know you’re going to party hard this New Years so make sure you’re prepared for the possibility of one wicked hangover the next day. Make sure to stock up on kratom and CBD so you can make New Years Day a little more bearable.


Don’t forget – it’s still December… which means we still have our sweet a$$ sales going on. Stop in to any of our three locations ASAP and grab everything you need to ring in the New Year. Time to party folks!

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