Headed West carries a large selection of high quality Kratom. Our selection includes crushed leaf, bagged tea, capsules, powder, extracts, and tinctures. Some of the brands we carry include: Experience Alternatives - Voodoo Kratom - Kratom Therapy - O.P.M.s - Urban Ice Organics - VivaZen

While we do have a wide selection of Kratom available (we have a bunch of kratom with quantity discounts ;-P) in our online store, please stop by one of our three Denver locations to see our full selection. There are a ton of different varieties of Kratom that can help with a multitude of health issues. Our employees are incredibly knowledgeable and can help you find the right Kratom for your needs.  

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kratom-therapy-superior-malaysian-kratom-capsults.jpgEKratom Therapy - Superior Malaysian Kratom (30 count)

Urban Ice Organics - Maeng Da Premium XL (12 count)

Urban Ice Organics - Natural Thai Capsules
(18 count)

Urban Ice Organics - Maeng Da Premium XL (50 count)

Experience Botanicals - Maeng Da Kratom Capsules (42 count)

Choice Botanicals - Super Potent Maeng Da Extract (3 jumbo capsules)

Kratom Therapy - Superior Maeng-Da Capsules (30 count)

Experience Botanicals - Black Label Kratom (10 count)

Kratom Therapy - Premium Bali Capsules
(30 count)


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