This month, we will be giving away some pretty sweet stuff on 420. We wanted to take a minute and give a huge shout out to Jeff from Reflective Conceptions for helping us to create these super unique gifts for our customers… and give our customers a little more background information on Jeff and what he’s doing for the Colorado community.

Founded on the front range of Colorado, Reflective Conceptions has been in business for over three years now – after a prolonged period of doing artwork on purely a “hobby-basis” for friends and family. After years of deliberation, Jeff finally decided it was time to take the leap so he could get his work out to the world.

The company collaborates with artists to take their artwork and place it on a unique medium of glass mirrors, pint glasses, shot glasses, and wine glasses as well. Their current process breeds efficiency and ease in working with these artists so that they can work with as many artists as possible! >> We think this is super cool.

On top of artwork, Reflective Conceptions also provides the opportunity for other businesses to complete their branding and marketing initiatives as well. They are able to take company logos, and through their unique process place those logos on all of the glass products that they offer. Ta-da! Headed West glasses! Woot!

Last but not least, we wanted to provide a short narrative from Jeff himself regarding what his company is doing for the local business community.

“I am proud to offer a narrative for how Reflective Conceptions chooses to show up as a contributing member of our local business community, as well as how we take strides to enhance our society as a whole. We believe in Corporate Social Responsibility. We achieve this end by adhering to an economic philosophy of “Triple Bottom Line” accounting, or one that focuses not only on the fiscal bottom line, but those as well that place a focus on societal and environmental bottom lines as well. 10% of our gross revenue gets split and allocated three ways between; 1% for the Planet, Conscious Alliance, and 1% for the Planet is a consortium of non-profits that allow us to focus on local environmental measures. Conscious Alliance is an organization that feeds and clothes those in need on tribal lands. allows us to proportionately contribute to the replanting of trees so that we may net positively offset carbon usage by our company, and society as a whole.”

We’re just super excited to have the opportunity to work with Jeff and Reflective Conceptions. Not only is his work AMAZING AND FREAKING AWESOME (you can see for yourself in the gallery below), but he’s doing so much good for the community, it makes us feel good to sell his products because we know profits are going to help our community. Shop Local. Support Local. Always!

If you would like to find out more about the products we sell from Reflective Conceptions, stop in to any of our three Denver locations or shoot us a message on our contact page.

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